Handmade Bowls

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Western Piedmont Community College’s (WPCC) Professional Crafts Clay students will take part in the Burke Arts Council’s Annual Oyster Festival by creating handmade bowls for sale.  Beginner to advanced pottery students completed 100 stoneware bowls from clay provided by the Burke Arts Council.  The bowls are available in a variety of colors.  The production pottery experience offered students practical knowledge in preparing and completing a large simulated order.

The fundamental nature of the Professional Crafts: Clay program is rooted in entrepreneurship; computer, marketing and business coursework prepares graduates to become independent studio artisans or seek employment in creative industries.  Professional Crafts Clay students hone their skills while creating a professional portfolio representative of their personal research and interpretation of classic forms.  The College’s intensive two- year program provides a strong foundation in studio technique including production skills, design concepts, and craft history.

Interested students may choose a degree pathway or take a class for fun.  Students receive one-on-one attention in a small class size with a wide range of studio equipment to support experimentation and personal direction.  Students represent a range of ages and life experiences, seeking crafts training as a hobby, main career or transfer to a four year university.  Studio classes are led by highly skilled craftspeople devoted to craft education.  Interested Professional Crafts students should contact Professional Crafts coordinator Courtney Long at 828- 448-3552 or clong@wpcc.edu.  

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