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Susan Grant

Susan Grant

609 Rock Barn Rd NE
Conover, NC 28602

Phone: 828-234-2742


Susan Grant was born in Maryland; from grade school through high school she enjoyed drawing as a hobby.  In high school she discovered a talent for mathematics which led to a degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.  Throughout her adult life, she pursued her art as a hobby by studying with local artists in western North Carolina, where she has lived since graduating from college.  Her lifetime love for animals led to many paintings of her own dogs which branched out into accepting commissions for painting pets.

My goal as an artist is to create images which remind the viewer of the beauty and serenity of the natural world.  Animals are a favorite subject; especially capturing the personality of a pet, a loved member of the family.  Watercolor is my medium of choice as I enjoy the fresh clean colors that result from building layers of transparent color.

Susan is a signature member of the North Carolina Watercolor Society and has exhibited in many galleries across the state of North Carolina