Paul Johnson Photography

Paul Johnson
PeGee Photography

Morganton, NC 28655

Phone: 828-584-2393


PeGee was my nickname as a kid in Shreveport, LA in the 1940’s and early 50’s. It was actually my first two initials, PG, but pronounced in the southern tradition with emphasis on the P and a softer G: PeGee. At the time I didn’t like it much, but it took going to Junior High to declare my name to be Paul. So now I revert to PeGee. Not sure why, but it seems to feel better now.

I started photography as a hobby after retiring in 1998; took some classes and some guided photo trips; read some books and magazines, and went out to shoot mostly outdoors.  I am drawn to colors found in nature and to patterns, but do not really have a genre to call my own.  I just shoot what catches my eye.I hope you will find some beauty in my work.