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Mary Jarrett Wovens

Mary G. Jarrett
Handwovens by Mary, LLC

6147 Timberlane Terrace
Hickory, NC 28601

Phone: 828-729-2938


From the kitchen table to art shows, I find it amazing that my avocation has become my vocation. I started taking weaving classes in my late 40’s, using a table loom on my kitchen table. We were living in the Chicago area and I was fortunate to come in contact with some wonderful weaving instructors, I would take classes at night and on weekends. I had a very stressful job and found weaving very relaxing. My education was in Chemistry and Medical Sciences. I now have three big floor looms and sell at art shows and galleries in the Southeast and to a couple boutiques in the Carolina’s. I use yarn that is processed in a mill in South Carolina and is dyed here in Valdese, NC. We are a local product from the Carolina’s.