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Leslie Cothren

Leslie Cothren

1814 Wesley Road
Moragnton, NC 28655

Phone: 828-850-2704


My Name is Leslie Wayne Cothren. I grew up in Taylorsville, NC. Several years ago, I changed careers and moved to Morganton.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Systems from Lenoir-Rhyne University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Strayer University with an emphasis in Marketing.

I have had an interest in photography for several decades. I attended a Professional Photography Course from the New York Institute of Photography in February of 2004. I have continued my journey by taking multiple continuing education photography classes at local community colleges and learning as much as I can from reading books and speaking with other artists.

I’m all over the place content-wise. Some have suggested this is my weakness; however, I do not like to restrict myself. If you look at my “body of work”, you will notice that I thoroughly enjoy and excel at color photography and my strength is Macro. I shoot exclusively digital Canon.

In 2011 and 2012, I challenged myself to a “photo a day” project that inspired my creativity on a daily basis. Some of that inspiration comes from reading and trying to visualize how I can create a photograph based on a passage. In addition, I love to translate song lyric into photographs.

I now find myself driving down the road constantly scanning the area for a photograph. I have been known to slam on the brakes or turn around to stop and capture the perfect scene. Natural light and scenes fade so fast. When you see something, it’s always best to shoot it as soon as possible. It probably won’t look the same tomorrow.

With all of this said, most likely 95% of my work will be within the 20 mile radius surrounding my home, in Morganton, NC. Every photographer needs a few “favorite spots”. I certainly know what my “spots” are. These mentionables are always good to help spark my imagination.