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Eugenie B. Fein

Eugenie B. Fein
The Fein Art Shop


Phone: (828)-443-0067
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Eugenie is a spirited artist who believes art is not only fun and inspiring, but is as necessary to life as breathing. As she says, “Without art, in all its forms, wouldn’t we hunger for it? Art seems to be a uniquely human endeavor. (Yes, you can train an elephant to use a brush, but would he try it without training?) We decorate ourselves, our dwellings, our streets, and communities. We write our thoughts down to remember them or to share them with others. We invent stories, plays, music, as well as sculpture and two-dimensional works. We are compelled to make. Even our appliances and cars are judged by their design, as much as their usefulness. Good design–like a pleasing painting–makes us feel good. We are geared for art. Sure, we don’t need art in the same way that we need food, clothing, and shelter, but we are hard-wired for beauty and creating. Art experienced, blesses our souls, while artists communicate their souls through their art.”