Third Thursday Art Crawl

The September 16th Art Crawl will conclude the “People, Places, and Things” theme for this season.
We have called on artists to get really imaginative and create on canvas, a thing.
It’s such a broad category, one can only imagine how artists will adorn their canvases.

We will showcase the artwork on the picturesque lawn of Morganton Savings during the crawl, 5 until 7PM.

  1. HAMILTON WILLIAMS GALLERY & STUDIO will have a presentation about the collection, processing, and uses of local “wild” clay from Lake James and Morganton.
  2. CITY HALL:  Thomas Kelly Pauley – American Revolution Portrait PaintingThomas Kelly Pauley works full time as a portrait artist from his home studio in York, South Carolina. His work ranges from the historic to contemporary, and the occasional fantasy portrait. He has worked with clients and history groups to produce a substantial body of commissioned work that may be found in private collections, historic sites and museums in eight states.Also at City Hall for one-night-only, will be art displays and craft demonstrations related to the late 1700s.
  3. CRAFT’d:  Kathy Kmonicek – featured artist.
    Kathy started as a photojournalist and has turned what was once a job into a hobby and passion. Most photos are of local landscapes and events. Her signature is the “Double Rainbow Over Lake James”, but there are many more breath-taking pictures to choose from. In addition to canvas and metal wall art in various sizes, she also has puzzles, note cards, and coasters AND she can create most items in your preferred size.
  4. ADVENTURE BOUND BOOKS:  Our special: 20% off your local bookseller’s favorite books (as a play on “a few of my favorite things”)
  5. WEST UNION ARTISTS STUDIOS:  Featuring the artists of West Union!
  6. MOUNTAIN GALLERY & GIFTS:  Demo – glass cutting and design – by Catherine.  Workshop is open to view and signups are 20% off for crawl.  And Selected artists 10% off.   
  7. THE BELK BLOCK is a familiar place to many but recently artist have gone behind the windows to add things not normally displayed. Sculls, flowers, cameras and bubblegum can be seen through the glass. Bug-like sculptures, human in size and photographs of door knobs leading you deeper into the space, urge you to look closer into these buildings than perhaps you ever have before. A live painting studio will create an opportunity to see a piece emerge from the first brush stoke to the finishing touches.
  8. THE BURKE ARTS COUNCIL will be hosting the “Things” exhibition on the lawn of Morganton Savings.  We’ll be offering some tie-dye fun!  Create a work of art. $5 donation includes all materials.