Eugenie B. Fein

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Born and reared in North Carolina, Eugenie B. Fein had the advantage of living in the foothills of the mountains while living within a day’s drive to the coast. The richness of the natural world was an inspiration for her from a young age. She earned a BA in Art from Mars Hill College. She spent her Junior year in London, England studying art which began a lifelong hobby in art history and archaeology. “There is a tension between preserving the past and providing for the living and often art is right in the middle of the two.”  After college she worked in graphic design and pre-press jobs for printing companies, magazines and newspapers. She attributes the discipline of the workplace for making her better organized and productive in her art. Eugenie not only creates pictures in oil for sale, but works with clients on a variety of projects. In addition to painting she pursues calligraphy, illumination, gilding and books-as-art crafts.  “Landscapes and seascapes are my main subjects, not only for the play of light and shadow but the larger forms. Part of my heart is in abstraction, so while painting realistic themes I’m motivated by the interactions of shapes and large tracts of color. The push and pull of the paint across various surfaces interests me as well as the subjects. Recently, I have been experimenting with mastics, varnishes and grinding my own oil paints.”

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