Dr. Ralph Daher : The Elixir of Life Photography & Western NC Studio Glass Artists

JUNE 7 – JULY 31, 2018 ♦

ELIXIR OF LIFE:  Ralph Daher is a self taught photographer who has been actively shooting since the late 1990s. He has found in photography a healing process, an escapade from the daily burdens of life that he encounters on a regular basis working as a kidney doctor.

Ralph enjoyed immortalizing beauty that he found around him. And when beauty was hard to find, he tried to create it. Slowly but surely, he found himself collecting those hidden gems of nature, as he watched water, wind, light and earth blend to create the best masterpieces of all times.

His work in photography had a significant artistic twist starting 2010 as he started delving deeper into abstract scenes: water reflections, water drops, movement, light, intentional blur were some of the tools that helped him access a creative dimension. After months of intensive work on water drop photography in his dark room, he was able to perfect and implement new techniques in the field yielding breathtaking results.

As noted in his artist statement, Ralph has found in photography a great lesson about life itself: “As we get caught up in making a living, we forget to make a life”.

“It was humbling and rewarding to me to notice that beauty was actually all around but it was easily overlooked. We might just walk by it in a rush and miss it completely, but if we take the time to look for it, if we just give it a chance to declare itself, the reward is beyond compare.”


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